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What’s Happening With Interest Rates in 2015?

Today we are going to reveal to you our predictions of what will happen with interest rates for mortgages in 2015. We
are fortunate to be joined by Giuseppe from Hallmark Mortgage to ask some questions about the mortgage industry, which is always

Right now, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are rolling
out new programs for home buyers that will allow you to buy a home with
just a 3% down payment
. Unlike some of the other bond programs, this
offer is open to anyone. It existed in the past, was pulled for about a
year, and is now back and a great alternative to an FHA loan. One
big change from when this existed a few years ago is that now, the 3%
down mortgage is really only for first-time home buyers
, but there are some exceptions such as spouses.

Now, the question you all have been waiting for: What is going to happen with interest rates in 2015?

According to many economists, rates will rise in the next year, somewhere around the high 4% range for a 30-yr fixed rate. The 1% movement is a big deal, because just a 1% increase in interest rate will decrease your purchasing power by around 10%. It can be tricky to lock in a rate in a competitive real estate market like this.

If you are thinking about taking advantage of these great interest rates
and loan programs, please give us a call or send us a quick email. We
would love to help you find a new home in the first quarter of 2015.