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Secrets of the Sump Pit

A sump pit is a low space, often located in the basement of a home,  that collects any undesirable liquids from the outside such as water or chemicals. The function of a sump pit is to filter out all the water or chemicals that may seep into your home’s foundation from the outside. Most of the time a sump pit is rarely seen, but if the water level in the pit rises too high, you could be in for trouble.

There is an access panel in your basement that allows you to get in and observe  the sump pit. There are pipes that drain into this pit, but if the water level reaches these pipes, you will need to install a sump pump to get rid of the excess water. A sump pump, which can be purchased at any home improvement store in Denver, pumps out the excess water through your pipes and brings the water level in the sump pit back down to normal.

Many houses in Denver already have an outlet installed for a sump pump so that you can install it through the pipes in the pit. It is a fairly simple process, but if you need a sump pump installed and are unsure about exactly how to put it in, please contact the Hansford team.  We will get you in touch with a professional here in Denver that can install your sump pump today so that you don’t have to worry any longer about nasty groundwater backing up in your basement.