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Myth Buster – Why Selling in the Wintertime is NOT a Bad Idea

Most homeowners believe that homes simply do not sell unless they are on the market during the busiest times for real estate, spring and summer. And though those are the busiest times to sell real estate that certainly does not mean that homes do not sell during the cooler months of the year.

Consider this: Homes sales drop during the winter. But by the same token, the number of available homes on the market also drops.

So if yours is a home that is on the market that does not mean you stand to have an unsold home for much of the season, rather it translates to fewer competing homes and more serious buyers out there looking.

Here are some numbers that further corroborate this:

Homes Sales in the 4th Quarter

In 2011, the number of sales in the 4th quarter versus in the 3rd quarter dropped 15% from 11,460 homes sold to 9,992. We are expecting the same to happen this year too however we reported a surge in sales across the board throughout each quarter in 2012. The third quarter sales for this year are 13,610 with a projected number of sales for the 4th quarter of 2012 coming in at 12,200.

Inventory Levels Drop By the End of the Year

Looking at the end of June, in 2011 we had about 21,000 homes on the market but then in December that number had gone down significantly to 14,000 – representing a whopping 66% slide in inventory levels. The same statistic in 2012 shows a huge decline from the previous year at 14,000 homes on the market in June 2012 and just 9,400 available in December 2012.
In addition to these very notable changes year over year, it is important to keep in mind that the average sales price has also changed for the better this year from $279,858 in 2011 to $302,956 in 2012, an 8% jump. Home sales have gone up 16% year over year too, which means we are far more active in our marketplace than just twelve months ago – something we can look forward to even during the cooler months of the year.

Keep in mind that as inventory levels continue to decline and buyers keep seeking homes, prices will start to rise. So if you are considering selling your home, now is a great time especially given the swift sales we’re seeing in our marketplace today.

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