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An Exciting Program to Crowdfund Your Next Home

Down payments are a barrier to many who want to buy a home. With the help of  HomeFundMe™, you can collect small donations from several people to help make the payment.

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You’ve probably heard the word “crowdfunding” before, and perhaps you’ve wondered what that means exactly. Well today, we’re going to show you that you can actually use crowdfunding to help someone with a down payment to purchase their home. I have special guest John Klaess from CMG Financial here to talk a little bit more about this crowdfunding program.

The program is called HomeFundMe™, and it’s a crowd-sourced funding program for down payments. It allows an individual to get down payment funds from many different people in their sphere, instead of just family members.

We find that with most people, it’s not the monthly payment that’s keeping them from buying a house, but rather the down payment itself.

Who can contribute to this program?

HomeFundMe™ has very few restrictions. The program is designed to borrow small amounts of money from many different people, instead of one large deposit from one person. You can contribute $0 to $499, and anyone is able to do so. There’s a little button on the site that you click to donate to the cause.

If you’re giving $500 to $7,500, there is a pre-written gift letter that will be sent on your behalf. Anything over $7,500 falls into your typical gift for the down payment. The great thing about HomeFundMe™ is that you don’t have to source those contributions.

It’s my understanding that you’re the only company that’s offering this?

Yes. It’s a Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac-approved program, and CMG Financial is the only company offering it at the moment. To take advantage of it, you will need to get pre-approved, but we will also help you build your HomeFundMe™ site. There’s no charge to build the site, and it will last for a year, so you can start and buy a house within that time frame.

“HomeFundMe™ allows an individual to get down payment funds from many different people in their sphere, instead of just family members.”

We’re really trying to get people pre-approved and educating them on the home buying process so we can teach them what they can do in order to succeed in their goal.

Since I’m sure you’ll have a lot more questions about this exciting new program, you’re invited to reach out and contact either myself or John’s team over at CMG Financial. He can answer your questions and hopefully help you or one of your loved ones buy a house in the coming year.