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Curb Appeal Tips That Will “Wow!” Buyers and Get Your Home Sold In a Hot Minute


Sure it’s a sellers market. But that doesn’t mean you can just let your house go and expect buyers to swarm in and take over. The truth is, in our marketplace and many others across the nation, sellers still have to do their part to get their homes sold. They have to make sure they are getting good advice about pricing the property right. They need to make sure any loose ends are taken care of and they need to maintain the home in good condition to show it in its best light.

But one aspect of presenting a truly “show-ready” home is to make it inviting from the moment buyers set their eyes on it. Curb appeal can be achieved without spending large amounts of money and it does not have to mean backbreaking loads of work either. With a few simple steps you can present a truly gorgeous home that will pull buyers in and keep them interested.

Clean Up the Leftovers

Moving from the winter into warmer months often leaves behind dirty, grimy leftovers and lots of unsightly lawn debris from all winter long. Exposed pine needles, unkempt flowerbeds, messy walkways or untrimmed trees all contribute to a negative impression that some buyers might find difficult to overlook. Spread new mulch in areas that need a refresher, trim trees and bushes, clean up walkways and neaten up the exterior or your home to spruce it up.

Hide What You Don’t Want Buyers to See
It may seem like a small thing but the simple act of storing your garbage and recycling containers in a shed or your garage can make a world of difference to how your home is perceived.  Unopened bags of mulch or other garden materials are also unattractive and distracting. These items can make a space look more cramped than it is and can make it seem the buyer would have a lot of work to do once they moved in.

Make it Beautiful, Then Maintain It

Mow your lawn and keep it mowed – especially before showings. Plant outdoor flowers then keep them watered and looking fresh. If you have landscape lighting, make sure it’s in working order and each fixture is standing upright and set up attractively. Add some accessories to your front entryway so that as buyers wait for the door to be unlocked they have something nice to look at. Clean light fixtures, sweep up dirt or cobwebs, add splashes of color and even consider a fresh coat of paint on the front door to jazz things up.


As you can see in our video – it doesn’t take much but with just a few little things you can make a very big impression on buyers. Call us today if you’d like a walk through to learn how your home would do in the marketplace these days – we’d love the opportunity!